About Our Company

DeRonde Tire Supply Inc. (DeRonde Casings LTD) was founded in April of 1986 by three partners: Sjaak Denijs, Ed Dehaan, and John Cesari Sr.

The original function of the business was to import truck tire casings from Europe to sell to retreaders in the United States. As the business grew, it became necessary to find other suppliers. We began importing from Canada and Japan and collecting domestically.

Over the years, Sjaak bought out his other partners and formed a new partnership with John Cesari, Jr. Who you may know as "Rocky". Rocky introduced retreads and more importantly, new tires to the product mix.

Additional warehouse space was added beginning in 1992 through construction and acquisition of existing properties. In March of 2005 a 270,000 square foot facility was purchased at 2010 Elmwood Ave on the north side of Buffalo to accommodate our growing business.

The warehouse is managed by Barry Pawlowski with James Yarns and Billy Schworm rounding out the staff. Doreen Cesari & Rachel Harhigh handle all of the accounts payable/receivable and office tasks. The sales staff is comprised of Rocky, Paul Kirchmeyer, and John Harhigh.

Combined sales experience of the staff is well over 100 years. This means we can help you make informed decisions about what to offer your customers.

Our sales have steadily grown every year and will continue to do so through aggressive marketing, smart purchasing and of course your continued support. Currently the company conducts $43,000,000 in business a year. We have a solid customer base, stable financing, and consistent suppliers.

Our goal is to continue to grow consistently allowing us to offer our customers the best products and services at competitive prices.